One Best Way To Get More Construction Or Consulting Website Leads

One of the best ways to get more online construction or consulting leads from your website isn’t hard.  Read this true story to find out how.

Is there a surefire way to get more leads and customers from your website traffic?

increase website leads thinking resized 600An extremely common question business owners ask is, “How do I get more leads and new customers from my website?”

Whether you have a construction or remodeling website, a consulting service, a landscape design firm, or another business, there are ways you can turn more website visitors into actual leads, phone calls, opt-ins, requests for a consultation or quote, etc.

No, there is not one thing, one silver bullet that will do the job.  But, if you understand and do the following process, you will see success in converting more of your website traffic into leads and new business.  Heck, a pizza delivery guy used this process offline… and saw great success.

What a pizza guy can teach us about increasing your website leads, sales and new business

Dave Ramsey, in his book EntreLeadership (an excellent book I might add) tells the story of one of his employees named John.  John was looking for a way to earn some extra money so he decided to deliver pizzas.

Most who deliver pizzas just do their job and go home.  Not John.

increase website leads pizza delivery resized 600John realized that to maximize the amount of money he made, he would have to increase the amount of his tips.  So he set out to methodically test and measure what things he did resulted in higher tips.

Now, when I say John was methodical, I’m not kidding.  He set up a spreadsheet so he could graph his results.  He wanted to be sure his conclusions were backed by data.  That was a really good move.

What John Discovered

The first thing he discovered was that if he left the pizza place with more than 3 pizzas to deliver, that by the time he reached the fourth home, he was running behind.  That meant the people at the house had to wait too long for him to arrive AND the pizza was cold.  He could forget about a good tip then.   So, 3 was the maximum number he could deliver on one run without impacting his tips.

Another thing he figured out from his experiments was it was best for him to pull up in front of the house in the most visible way possible so someone inside the house noticed him arriving and shouted out, “Pizza is here!”

Then, when he got out of the car (people in the house already saw he was there based on the above discovery), he found he should jog slightly to the door.  They could see that he cared.  He tried whistling when he was waiting and even tried different tunes to see if one got a better response.  Comment:  I know, that sounds crazy… but you would be surprised what things work better.  You just never know until you experiment.

When the door opened, he found that by intentionally smiling and announcing the pizza was “piping hot, delicious and ready to eat” people responded better to him.

He also determined through testing that after ringing the doorbell, he needed to step back from the door about 3 steps so as not to intimidate the homeowner with his size (he was a big and tall guy).

A Flash Of Insight

Perhaps his biggest discovery was that when the door opened, along with the family member was often a dog.  He found that by petting the dog and making conversation about it, his tips were better.  This was easy for John since he loved dogs.

He then had a great idea.  He went down to the hardware store, bought a tool belt with multiple pockets, and then loaded the pockets with dog treats.  Giving the dog a treat right in front of the homeowner endeared him to the whole family.

All these micro adjustments added up.  John began making so much in tips that his manager became jealous because John was making more per hour than he was.

Now many of you astute readers see where I am going with this.  Bravo!  But let me flesh this out with some specific applications for your business website.

How John’s methodical approach can help you get more website leads and sales

One of the keys to increasing the response rate on your website is to see it as a process.  Experiment with different ideas.  Test.  Measure.  Keep what works.  Rinse and repeat.

Over time you can double or even triple your lead levels… with the same amount of traffic!

Here are two important truths that John learned from his experiments that you need to remember when using this process on your website:

1. You can never know from the outset what will work (and not work).  When John initially decided to experiment with ways to increase his tip levels, he may have had some guesses as to what would help (smiling, being friendly at the door).  But much of what worked had to be figured out as he went.  He probably had no idea that the dog angle would play such an important role in tip levels.  Who could have known that ahead of time?

You can’t just sit down at the beginning and create (or modify) a website that works like magic.  There are just too many variables.  It is a process over time that ultimately get you the results you were seeking.

At 2nd Mile Marketing, we have found that even if two of our clients do the same thing, what works on one website won’t necessarily work on another.  You must always test.

Here is my point:
A new website is not the end… just the beginning.  It takes time, and a commitment to testing to maximize your website leads and sales.  RETWEET THIS

2. It is never just one thing.  John learned what we too have discovered– It is the combination of things working together that creates the compounded magic.

Like removing multiple kinks in your water hose, figuring out and removing one kink helps but it isn’t the total answer.  This is why we test many different things (even things that seem crazy at the time).

  • The size of the header on top of your website
  • The color of the header
  • The words and emblems that go into the header
  • What the headline says
  • What the bullet points say… and in which order
  • The “social proof” area
  • The offer (try “Buy 3, get the 4th free” instead of “25% off”)
  • The guarantee
  • The angle (Expertise? Fast service? Honesty?)
  • The call to action wording
  • Etc, Etc Etc.

You must simply become methodical in your testing.  Little by little your website will increase the response rate (converting visitors into leads).

The payoff is worth it

Yes, the process takes time, but the payoff is tremendous.  We have slowly but surely worked on  websites that now convert at 30-40% (they started at 5-8%).  That is 5-6x more leads for the same amount of traffic!  It IS worth it.

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What you can do next…

1. Begin systematically testing different elements on your website.  To help you begin the process of testing your website (and knowing where to start), download our free Website Persuasion Checklist, which goes over the most common areas where you can increase response rates.

2. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do this, contact a conversion rate optimization professional (like 2nd Mile Marketing).

3. If you have a question about all this, leave a comment below.  We answer every one!

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Pat McDaniel, the author of this article, is not your typical marketing expert.  Learn more about his unusual and diverse background.  He is actually a really funny guy (or so he thinks), a voracious learner, and loves helping businesses multiply their revenue.